The Concorde has landed!

Welcome on board” Ontwikkelaar DC Designs heeft hun Concorde voor P3D v1-v5, FSX en FSX: Steam Edition uitgegeven. Hier te koop bij onze vrienden van Just Flight voor 34.95 Euro.


  • High-detail 3D model based on extensive research and visits to museum-exhibit aircraft
  • Fully animated exterior model including all access doors, engine inlet ramps, thrust-reverse buckets and control surfaces
  • Concorde’s famous, multi-stage ‘nose droop’ and windscreen animations recreated via custom coding
  • Crew-controlled Ground Power Unit and boarding steps
  • Full interior and exterior night-lighting
  • PBR textures (P3D v4/v5 only)


  • Truly 3D virtual cockpit featuring accurate controls and detailed texturing (PBR for P3D v4/5 only)
  • 3D modelled dials throughout: HSI, ADI, ‘whiskey’ compass and other high-detail instruments with smooth animations
  • Captain, First Officer and Engineer’s station all operational
  • Animated cockpit ‘stretch’ during Mach 2 flight, in accordance with high fuselage temperature ‘supercruise’ conditions
  • Fully modelled passenger cabin with working displays, lighting, access doors and other unique animations
  • Aircraft modelled and optimised for high-performance on all systems, and for use with Virtual Reality headsets


  • Accurate flight model with Mach 2 ‘supercruise’ capability and realistic handling throughout the flight envelope
  • Working TCAS display
  • Inertial Navigation System based upon simulator’s internal GPS / flight plan system
  • Custom-coded engineer’s station with operationally required tasks, including fuel management for Centre of Gravity control during high-altitude cruise


  • British Airways 1985-1987
  • British Airways 1998-2003
  • Air France 1976-2003
  • Singapore Airlines G-BOAD


A full operations manual and paint kit is included.


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  1. Lander schreef:

    Nu nog voor de nieuwe Msfs en ik mag thuis fiber gaan aanleggen + een rtx3090 installeren want ik denk als die aan Mach 2 vliegt dat men pc niet mee kan