F-117 Stealth Fighter komt naar MSFS!

”Lets get invisible”! De ooit super geheime Lockheed F-117 Stealth Fighter komt naar MSFS binnen enkele weken. Hier alvast de nieuwste preview shots. Deze kist is wel erg gaaf! Enkele highlights zijn:


  • High Resolution PBR textures and material inside and out
  • Detailed animations both inside and out including:
    • Blow-in doors
    • Aerial refuelling door
    • Canopy
    • Glare shields
    • Bomb bay doors, trapeze and payload
    • APU doors
    • Tailhook
    • Parachute
    • Antenna
    • Chocks and ladder
  • Radar Cross Section monitoring (RCS) system
  • Fully adjustable cockpit lighting
  • Custom flight model based on F-117A flight manual charts. High approach speeds, high AOA departures, and normal flight envelope all simulated
  • Accurate fuel system
  • Simulated effect of antenna positions on communication equipment
  • Custom Mach Hold simulation
  • Custom Drag Chute simulation
  • Fully implemented icing system
  • Hidedable RCS enhancers and beacon lights
  • Easy to use paint system, only single file needed to make most F-117A paint schemes, with 9 already included (PC Only)

The F-117 Stealth Fighter is coming to the MSFS Marketplace within weeks! - MSFS Addons


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