XP projecten van Indiafoxtecho

Vandaag een update van Dino Cattaneo de ontwikkelaar achter Indiafoxtecho. Dino werkt op dit moment aan een aantal X-Plane conversies. Als eerste de S-211 maar meer projecten waaronder de TA-4J zullen op een later moment nog volgen.

Following your positive feedback on the S-211 project for X-Plane 11, I have made some progress with it and some of its current shortcomings have been addressed. There is still some more work to be done to create a Beta version, but maybe it will be ready in a month.

The intent would be to create a “budget” payware offering, which will, most likely, include only the S-211 (no M-345).
When the Beta will be ready, I will make the usual post here and on my blog on how to apply.

Speaking of XP-11, I have indeed thought of other projects that could be ported in future – however, it is unlikely that I’ll port the F-35 or the Typhoon: their avionics are really complex and would require an huge amount of work. Aside, preliminary tests of the Typhoon do not look that good.

On the other hand, the TA-4J has been built from the beginning to make a potential port to XP-11 much easier…so most likely it will be my next XP-11 project.

Then, speaking of the TA-4J – it is proceeding as per the schedule, that means that the 3D modeling will be most likely completed by the end of this month.