Released: PMDG 777-300 voor v4

PMDG heeft zojuist haar Boeing 777-300 uitgebracht voor Prepar3D v4. Naast de Boeing 777-300 zal binnenkort ook de PMDG NGX volgen voor Prepar3D v4. Meer informatie hierover zullen we op korte termijn te zien krijgen volgens PMDG.

A few moments ago we released the PMDG 777-300ER Expansion Package compatibility update to make it cooperate with Prepar3D v4.  If you already own the 77W for Prepar3D v3, simply visit PMDG eCommerce and download a new copy of the installer.

IMPORTANT:  Uninstall the older version you already have installed, then run the new installer.  (No other action is required.)

The NGX is “more-or-less” finished and we will have more information on it’s availability after the US holiday, today.  (I just re-read that, and I know how some like to parse what I say… so…  We will have more information for you after the US holiday- and the release will come shortly there-after…)